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Tacos for everyone!

In a world where Taco Tuesday’s are the norm, it’s no secret people really love tacos! Taco Bell knows this, and has challenged and committed themselves to make the brand as current as possible. In 2015 Taco Bell re-branded their website to have a more ascetically pleasing and modern look and feel. This new website features Taco Bell news stories, locations and exciting brand updates.

Did you know you can pre-order and customize any item from the menu online and pick it up? Upon check out you can select if you want to pick up your order in the restaurant or pick up at the drive-through. No more waiting in line for your tacos! This new way of ordering also accepts gift cards!

Along-side the new website Taco Bell has opened the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas, NV. The Cantina features merchandise, sharable appetizers, a wall of TV’s and best of all is open 24/7.

NGC offers plastic denominations of $10 and $20.

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