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Red Lobster is now a standalone card!

NGC is proud to present Red Lobster as a new standalone card to our portfolio! Over the past few months Red Lobster has transitioned from a multi-brand product to its own designated card.

Red Lobster prides itself on “Seafood with Standards” meaning only the best quality fish is offered at all Red Lobster locations. Red Lobster knows although the Oceans are big, we need to use them in a sustainable way. They make sure the Ocean and its inhabitants come first when it comes to picking the quality food for us to eat.

Red Lobster helped launch the Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Foundation, a nonprofit that works with fishermen, buyers and other stakeholders to preserve the lobster population and keep the industry stable and sustainable. Red Lobster also partners with the FDA and Global Food Safety Initiative to ensure that their suppliers earn safety approvals from the right organizations.

Whether you’re looking to reward employees or thank your members, Red Lobster is a great way to offer a meal out.

NGC will offer Red Lobster as a standalone card starting Monday, July 31st.

$10, $25 and $50 plastic and digital denominations are available.