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Fulfilling gift cards is not easy.  NGC's role in the gift card industry is to make all aspects of running a B2B and B2C gift card program as easy as possible for our merchant partners and customers.

We do this with an operationally focused mindset as we handle the trials and tribulations of picking, activating, checking, packing and shipping gift cards with a 99.99% accuracy rate.

The secure systems in place to support this growing business can be tailored to meet the needs of our merchant partners.  We are excited to review how NGC can be the customized solution for you!

Our gift card agency services include:

Gift Card Sales Support

Our in-house sales and marketing teams are ready to help you increase revenue by selling and marketing your gift card to B2B buyers and B2C channel markets. Learn more about our various levels of sales support.

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Gift Card Operational and Fulfillment Support

We're ready to assist with end-to-end order processing and fulfillment for your gift card program. This includes everything from vetting customers for fraud, order entry and processing, invoicing, collections, card activation, fulfillment packaging,

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Gift Card Customer Service Support

Keeping your customers happy and buying again is key for every brand. If you're short on resources or staff to handle the customer service for your gift card program, allow NGC to help.

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Market Services

NGC is prepared to offer up a wide array of marketing placements plus media support services to advertise and build awareness for growing sales with your gift card. Marketing support placements include: · Direct mail · B2B Web placements · eNewsletter announcements · 1:1 Sales emails · Media placement in B2B industry publications · Tradeshow exposure

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