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Men's Wearhouse

Spring has sprung and summer is heading our way, which means wedding season is upon us! With weddings come gowns and tuxedos. A great option for redemption or employee engagement programs are clothing brands. Many stores offer dresses for women but not many offer tuxedos for men. One solution is to provide them with a formal wear gift card. NGC is happy to solve this problem by including the Men’s Wearhouse in our offerings.

Men’s Wearhouse is the leading authority on helping men dress for work, special occasions and everyday life. Men’s Wearhouse (a Tailored Brand company) have over 750 locations in the U.S. and the e-commerce website.

Recently Tailored Brands took their formal season mobile with their first ever Prom Fitting Tour. This tour stopped at various high school hangouts around Indiana and allowed students to try on various designer tuxedos. Bruce Hershey, Vice President of Marketing stated: “We were thrilled to offer such an innovative and fun experience for teen boys who deserve their moment in the spotlight.”

With plastic $25, $50 and $100.00 denominations, the Men’s Wearhouse card will likely help you find something that will suit your needs.