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Gift Card Operational and Fulfillment Support

What we hear most from our retail partners is that they don't have enough time in the day to manage, oversee, and physically do all of the operational components of running a smooth B2B gift card fulfillment operation.  This is where NGC can help.  Allow us to be your operational fulfillment engine behind your gift card program.  We have 60 dedicated employees in our 52,000 square foot gift card focused fulfillment center ready to assist with your order entry, order set-up, customer invoicing, payment collections, card activations, and fulfillment. Our dedicated gift card operations team is ready to make your life easier.

Operational Program Benefits Include:

  • End-to-End Fulfillment
  • Warehouse of your inactive cards and eCodes
  • Customer service supporting your B2B orders
  • Inventory management through the NGC Vault
  • Customer invoicing and collections
  • Card activation via your processor
  • Program reporting
  • B2B fulfillment of your card in both bulk and individual fulfillment programs

Fulfillment Options

We are ready to support both physical and digital fulfillment in either bulk or individual shipments.  You and your customers will be provided access to one of the most trusted and user-friendly global bulk gift card fulfillment systems.  And our 52,000 sq. ft. fulfillment facility ships gift cards to businesses of all sizes—from multinational corporations to small businesses. Whether your customer needs 1 card or 10,000, we’ve got you covered. There is no minimum or maximum order size—plastic or eGift cards.

1. Bulk Fulfillment Benefits

  • Any Order Size - Whether your customer needs 100,000+ plastic gift cards for a marketing promotion or just need to restock their supply for rewards or loyalty programs—we deliver. We also facilitate fulfillment and orders for small or large quantities of bulk eGift cards.
  • Turn Around Time - Your customer wants a lot of gift cards quickly? No problem. We’ll fulfill gift card orders within 3 business days after confirmed receipt of cleared payment.
  • Convenience - Our ngcdirect ordering portal allows customers to place B2B gift card orders with you in minutes, from their own home or office. *We’ll handle the fulfillment.
  • Repeat Orders - We make it easy to remember favorite orders so that customers can click “buy” and move on to the next task. Favorite orders will be saved in their secure, online account profile.
  • Custom Packaging - Need to make your gift card delivery stand-out? We can brand your bulk gift card orders with custom gift boxes and card sleeves.
  • Delivery Options - We offer multiple delivery options—including overnight shipping—and you can track the status of your orders and shipments every step of the way.
  • Friendly Customer Service - We care about the success of your gift card program and satisfaction of your customers. We’re here to help in whatever way we can.

2. Individual Fulfillment Benefits

We’ll ship plastic or eGift cards directly to your customers.  Leave it to the experts—we live and breathe gift card fulfillment. From our CEO to our customer service, fulfillment and activation teams, our entire gift card fulfillment operation operates out of our advanced gift card focused fulfillment center.

Individual Fulfillment Benefits

  • Easy Process - You send us a list of your recipients, the gift cards you’d like to send them, and we send their gift cards—fast and accurately. It’s as simple as that.
  • Order File Transparency - Want to know when your gift cards shipped? Want to know when your gift card order file has been processed? Our proprietary IFOS (Individual Fulfillment Ordering System) platform gives you visibility of each step as we process gift card orders. We also provide account access so that your customer service team can get info about gift card shipments whenever they need it.
  • Secure Data - Your data security comes first. Our applications run through a Tier 4 data center—ensuring performance, data redundancy, and security that the largest companies in the world demand.
  • Personalized Letters - You can personalize each gift card delivery with your company’s brand and a message to the individual—using plastic or eGift cards. We have samples we can send you of gift card carriers that can hold 1, 2, 3, or 4 gift cards.
  • Delivery Options - We offer multiple delivery options for your gift cards—including overnight shipping—and you can track the status of your orders and shipments every step of the way.
  • Friendly Customer Service - We care about the success of your gift card fulfillment program and satisfaction of your customers. We’re here to help in whatever way we can—whether that’s blocking and replacing requests or shipping gift card confirmations.

Inventory Services

As part of our operational support, your card manufacturer or printer can send your inactive cards to NGC's secure fulfillment warehouse for distribution. Through our secure, propriety, inventory management platform, NGCVault, we can manage your inventory of gift cards so that you don’t have to, whether it's a few thousand cards or multi-millions. We can also  facilitate the inventory transfer, sales, and fulfillment for unlimited eGift cards through our gift card API.