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Columbia Sportswear Now Available in Plastic

NGC is excited to announce the addition of Columbia Sportswear plastic cards to our portfolio. Columbia is a great option for the adventure seeking members of your program. Whether it’s hiking, camping, biking or anything outdoors, Columbia Sportswear will likely have the products needed.

With fall and winter approaching, now is a great time to be aware of your surroundings when outside. The sun will set earlier and new hazards will exist outside. One hazard that-- may come as a surprise, leaves. Columbia Sportswear has made a conscious effort to inform adventure seekers about the dangers of leaves:

• Leaves are slippery, be extra cautious when riding your bike this fall.

• Beware of the depth- how far a leave pile may go down is deceiving. If you didn’t create the pile, don’t jump in it.

• Wet wood can be slick- whether you’re crossing a bridge or path make sure to use handrails and watch your step on slippery surfaces.

NGC offers plastic and digital in denominations $25, $50 and $100. Make sure to ask your Sales Representative about adding Columbia Sportswear to your program today!